Tony Blur Hoisted On His Own Petard

22 05 2012


Former British PM heckled in Maine college speech

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — A handful of protesters briefly interrupted a Maine college graduation speech by British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling for world unity.

Blair addressed more than 400 Colby College graduates and their guests Sunday morning at the school’s 191st commencement in Waterville.

Police say the protesters shouted phrases such as “warmonger” and “war criminal” during Blair’s speech. One person was arrested.

I fail to see any real ideological difference between the speaker and the people protesting him.




3 responses

22 05 2012

The English, known for their cheddar, must be looking for some cheesemakers if Tony Blair is speaking at Colby College.

22 05 2012

EXCUSE ME! All my English friends call this former Prick of the Kingdome, Tony B.LIAR. GD, the US Academia will pay for a washed up Brit before picking a Domestic Squishy Right winger!

22 05 2012

OTOH, it goes to show you how far BLIAR has fallen. He went from being the first Labour Party PM to win multiple terms as PM in a very long time, to speaking at an obscure college in Maine. The price was probably right, though — Cheddar College must need to up its name recognition big time. For the same reason, that obscure Catholic school in Florida essentially handed Shaquille O’Neal a Ph.D. on a platter, because it wanted the publicity for itself.

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