She’s For Trayvon

23 05 2012

I can assure you that she didn’t get those things for a diet of Skittles.


MIAMI — Porn star and former Tiger Woods’ mistress Josyln James will be appearing in a coffee table book dedicated to the honor of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

According to Miami New Times’ music blog Crossfade, James has already done a photo shoot and interview for the book that will soon be announced.

The performer is the mother of a biracial son who said she feels strongly about the case.

Although she believes justice should take its course, she feels alleged shooter George Zimmerman should “definitely be in prison.”

Jury?  Don’t need it.  Criminal justice system?  Unnecessary.  Innocent until proven guilty?  Fugghedabowdit.  Due process of the law?  Due process shmoo process.

We can now close the book on this case and slam the jail doors shut on George Zimmerman because we have the judgment of a porn actor whose claim to fame is hooking up with some guy who hits a small white ball around with long sticks.




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