Welcome to Congress

23 05 2012

Republican voters in KY-4 are geniuses.

They must be, in order to send one to Congress.

His main competition, one Alecia Webb-Edgington, was once on the Kentucky State Police, and was instrumental in creating Kentucky’s Fusion Center.

Of course, both Ron and Rand Paul were for Thomas Massie, and in fact, Rand Paul dispatched some of his own staffers from his 2010 campaign to Massie’s campaign.  What’s interesting is that Jim Bunning was for Webb-Edgington.  KY-4 is Bunning’s old Congressional district, curiously, but the most curious part is that Bunning and Rand Paul were on opposite sides of the fence on something.  Jim Bunning retiring from the Senate was the only reason why Rand Paul ran at all, and on the flip side, other than age, it is speculated that Bunning retired because he wanted Rand Paul’s balloon to be able to rise, their mutual respect is so strong.

Mitch McConnell was hands off.  I hardly think he’s in the mood to piss RP off, because he’s this close to being Senate Majority Leader.  If he makes nice with RP, then maybe he thinks this will cool Jim DeMint off vicariously.




One response

24 05 2012

Second story you link to: He runs his entire house off solar panels.

Let’s see the environmentalists tell him no.

He made solar panels work, but Solyndra with a half billion of our money couldn’t?

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