Progress Is Overrated

24 05 2012


150,000 more US heat deaths projected by 2100

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Killer heat fueled by climate change could cause an additional 150,000 deaths this century in the biggest U.S. cities if no steps are taken to curb carbon emissions and improve emergency services, according to a new report.

The three cities with the highest projected heat death tolls are Louisville, with an estimated 19,000 heat-related fatalities by 2099; Detroit, with 17,900, and Cleveland, with 16,600, the Natural Resources Defense Council found in its analysis of peer-reviewed data, released on Wednesday.

Concentrated populations of poor people without access to air conditioning are expected to contribute to the rising death tolls.

The number is probably right, but the reason is wrong.  It won’t be because of Glow-BULL (not) Warming, but because of an Ultra-Brazilified third world hovel where America used to be.




One response

24 05 2012

Now it’s fueling heat related deaths? Come on. It scientic fraud, when will it cease. If what we did to this world in the 1920s through the 1970s didn’t cause global warming, we sure as hell aren’t doing it now.

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