Sleight of Hand

24 05 2012

WRTV-ABC-6 Indianapolis:

Central Indiana Gangs Spread To Suburbs

INDIANAPOLIS — Gang activity is expanding in Indianapolis, spreading into suburban neighborhoods as more organized, more violent and increasingly mobile groups.

Gangs in Indianapolis have been collaborating with rival gangs to increase profits and influence, Call 6 Investigator Jack Rinehart reported.

There has been an uptick in gang activity in Franklin Township, leaving school officials and Indianapolis police scrambling to try to get a handle on the situation.


Ninety-six percent of the population in Franklin Township is Caucasian, and the median income is $70,000.

The general population’s demographics may not be the same as the high school’s student body demographics, and also, Hispanics are counted as white.  If the schools are blacker and/or more Hispanic than the general population, you can read the demographic writing on the wall.

The school itself is 7% black, 5% Hispanic and 4% multiracial.  That’s enough to cause problems.




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