At This Rate, This Blog Is Bookmarked In Every DHS Computer

26 05 2012

Back in my e-mail newsletter days, I would append all of my posts with something called an “Echelon Disclaimer.”  That was after 60 Minutes blew Echelon out of the water, and I found on another credible source the keywords that gets communication diverted into Echelon.  I appended all my e-mails with those words as an “Echelon Disclaimer” because I wanted the people that run Echelon to read them.  I needed the audience.

Upon reading of a similar program that DHS runs, I was thinking about doing the same.  But the list of words is so extensive that I don’t need to; I wind up writing at least one of these in almost every blog post.  That said, I’m sure DHS has heard of this medium.




3 responses

26 05 2012

Even back in the early 90s it was common knowledge in WV that the government listed to every telephone call …. because kids get jobs and tell their parents what they do, who tell other people …..
I used to care about stuff like this, but don’t anymore. The gov probably has a file on me too. I should tag my posts just for this reason, but don’t.

Looking at that list, I think it is a fake. They list BART, MARTA, and WMATA but not CTA (Chicago), RTA (Chicago area), or MTA (New York City area), all of which are at least as critical.

27 05 2012

There’s just too much communication for the “black hats” to read or listen to it all. I know they’re not much interested in any of my e-mails or phone calls, because I’m not taking to Mohammed al-Terroristiqua in Yemen on the other end about things which Mohammed al-Terroristiquas in Yemen like to talk about.

There is virtually no such thing as “off the grid” any more.

26 05 2012

… err government listened ….

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