The Trayvon Truce Didn’t Even Last Eighteen Hours

26 05 2012


East St. Louis Man Killed At Late Night Barbeque

EAST ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Just hours after the father of Trayvon Martin pleaded for the end of violence in his hometown of East St. Louis, seventeen shots were fired at a home there. One man was killed.

East St. Louis and Illinois State Police are investigating a shooting death in the 2900 block Brady early Saturday morning.  Police say John Haley, 53, was barbecuing with neighbors in their front yard around 1:15am, when at least two cars pulled up and gunmen opened fire.  Police say there were at least 17 shots fired.

Friends and neighbors say Haley was shot at least 8 times.  Police say Haley was the only person hit; investigators believe the gunmen had targeted Haley after an altercation with him earlier that night.

Take note:  1:15 AM comes before 2:00 AM.

Why do they love BBQing in the middle of the night?




3 responses

26 05 2012

Worked up an appetite “altercating”?

26 05 2012

Noticed a bug in the article – It puts ESL in MO, but then says “Illinois State Police.” Lazy editing.

26 05 2012

Position requirements: Degree in related field.

Newspapers pay shitty because there are too many J&C grads. Shitty pay gets shitty employees. This goes back to exercising the “Green Shoe” to prop the stock up, you don’t get Long to get even Longer. People who have no idea about what they are reporting on should not be reporting.

When a NBC Chicago newswoman referred to as “net a poor ter” I just facepalmed and changed the channel. It’s net ah poor tay as in pret a porter (French, ready to wear).

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