Disagree With Joe Walsh (Slightly)

1 06 2012

This is along the same idiotic lines of Herman Cain’s contention that blacks are “brainwashed” into voting Democrat.

However, I’m not going to unload verbally on Joe Walsh like I did on Unable Cain.  And not because of the obvious external characteristic, but because he is partially right — Democrats do like voters dependent on government, because they’re the party of big government, especially in domestic spending.  However, it doesn’t take much to get most blacks and many Hispanics to be welfare dependents, because that’s the way they are.




2 responses

1 06 2012

Joe Walsh is telling the truth, black people are welfare dependent. And more people are starting to like hearing what they secretly think. black people don’t go to school to learn, they go because they have to. When I was FBing to find out about that 13 year old Birmingham thug that was shot a month back while trying to do a robbery with a gun, I found every teen female in his FB had a baby.

I am not sure how he will fare after redistricting. Tammy Duckworth wants nothing more than to distribute free money for Ohomo for a living.

2 06 2012

Let me try to nuance this. Walsh is both right and wrong at the same time.

He’s right in that: (A) Blacks are generally welfare or quasi-welfare dependent, and (B) The Democrat Party relishes that fact.

However, I seem to think that he thinks that this was a Democrat Party conspiracy to take otherwise industrious first world blacks and turn them into plantation slaves just for the purposes of creating government dependents and perpetual Democrat voters. And that is obviously not the case.

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