London’s Not So Rainbow Riots

1 06 2012

BNP has the skinny on the racial demographics of last August’s riots.  The British media trotted out photographs of whites rioting in order to make us think that these were multiracial riots.

One big risk here is that you can’t assume that the demographics of those arrested for rioting matches the demographics of those who actually rioted.  I bet the cops deliberately over-arrested whites for propaganda purposes.

But, taking the risk, we have 54.6% black, 33.6% white and the rest some sort of Asian or unknown for those arrested, while London’s general population is 69.4% white and 10.7% black.

If my math and methodology are right, this means that a black Londoner was 10.5 times more likely than a white Londoner to riot.

Here’s my methodology:  (69.4/10.7)/(33.6/54.6) = 10.54




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