The Gang’s All Here

1 06 2012


Group calling for changes to Missouri’s racial profiling law

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office released statistics today in accordance with the state’s racial profiling law, and a group of local police chiefs and community activists are calling for changes to the way the data is collected and used.

In 2000, the state began requiring the attorney general to gather and report the data, but nothing more, according to a press release from the Anti-Defamation League.

The group, which also includes the American Civil Liberties Union, St. Louis County Police Department and Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, would like to see the statute changed to more adequately address what they refer to as “bias-based policing.”

So we have “community activists” (i.e. Obamas), the ACLU, the “Internationally Accredited” Keystone Cops, various “immigrant” and “refugee” advocates, and the ADL all wanting something.

Whatever it is, I want the complete and polar opposite.

What they really want is for blacks, Hispanics and South Asian or Arab Muslims to be exempt from criminal law.




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