Sunday Wrap-Up

3 06 2012


*  Aside from all these other listed benefits, you get to be around all that vibrant diversity they say makes us so strong.

The STL Zoo gets prominent play in the NYT.


Obama and PHRMA sittin’ in a tree…

And this was supposed to be the most ethical White House ever.

*  Obama, wake up:  Heavy weather ahead.

I thought this was a joke website at first.  But the domain is

Huh?  That’s nothing special.  Every third grade boy wants to be President, every stoned and drunk college man thinks everyone should be naked.

What is a surprise is that black man couldn’t jump.

*  Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:  Many TSA horror stories are nothing more than disgruntled black AA hires taking their frustrations out on the world by groping airline passengers.

We don’t call it TarGay for nothing!

This wouldn’t be a problem if America was still populated with actual Americans.

Something tells me that his display of the CBF in his jeep is racially motivated.

Good for him.

No surprise:  It’s expensive to live in the Silicon Valley.


If I had my way, this would be a Federal crime.  Mexico does have an embassy here, after all.  If “R&R Partners” wants to lobby on behalf of Mexico, they can either do so from Mexico or go to an American prison.  See also:  AIPAC

Drug cartels are targeting PepsiCo warehouses in Mexico that store snack food.

Why wouldn’t they?  If people have the munchies, then they should smoke weed rather than eat Doritos.

Justin Bieber causes a “state of emergency” in Oslo, Norway.  Oslo is becoming The New Mogadishu?  NBD.  Ahhh, priorities.

*  Dear Madonna:  Nobody ever sang and danced their way to peace.


Two days from now.  Don’t miss it if you can help it.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 2117.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You knew that only Irish mathematicians could solve this problem.

The smallest genetic changes can make a big difference.  Keep this in mind when the racial egalitarians haul out the “we’re all 99.9% alike” bromide.


And people talk about “anti-immigrant hate” today.  The sad irony of this is that most of Southern Illinois was already German-American, and had been for decades.

But this was a different Chicago at a different time.


Of course they’re trying to find out the nature of this book.  This is the network that cut Hank Williams loose for making a Hitler joke, and in the 1990s, fired a male hood ornament for being too clever by half and calling the then-Jets QB “Frank ‘Third’ Reich.”

Spelling bees schmelling bees.  All winning a spelling bee means is that you can spell words that most people will never use even once in their lives.  It is most definitely not a marketable skill, nor responsible for our past, present and perhaps future progress.

The differential between our standard of living today and the typical human lifestyle between the agricultural and industrial revolutions didn’t happen at the hands of people could spell every word in existence accurately.

These “bees,” spelling and otherwise, reward people with great rote memorization skills, which is why Orientals and Indians win them.

There is very little gender athletic gap.

(Fine print:  If you only consider children 12 and under, swimming, freestyle, from one end of the pool to the other just once.)

After reading and understanding this, you would think we would take Rivals and Scout with a grain of salt.

The reason why a five-star in HS often won’t do that well in college to justify being drafted with a high pick for the NFL is that a five-star in HS is already so physically mature that he won’t get any more mature in college, and he’ll watch the two- and three-star players in HS that were ranked poorly because they weren’t yet fully mature get mature and pass them by in college.

Yes, there is the race angle here.




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