ESL Is Playing With Fire

4 06 2012

Operation Full Razzle Dazzle Mode is on.


Operation Last Call in East St. Louis

State and local law officers raided several businesses in East St. Louis early Sunday morning. It’s called Operation Last Call.

After a five month investigation, more than 100 officers raided three night clubs around 1 a.m. including Club 103, Club Posh and Club Rolex. Statistics show these clubs are hot spots for crime.

These clubs are hot spots for crime because they’re black clubs in a black town.  ‘Nuff said.

Will this finally be what turns ESL around?

And I agree.

But it’s more problematic than that.  ESL could be playing with fire — A VDare review of the new book about Detroit by Paul Kersey of SBPDL fame reminds us that the 1967 Detroit riots started because the cops raided an after hours black speakeasy.  Almost all black riots are a direct or indirect result of some law enforcement action.  Incidentally, this is why I doubt there will be election riots if Obama loses.

However, the reasons why ESL might not riot after an “Operation Last Call” are that ESL’s cops are all black, (but it did have a white chief for a short time a few years ago), and that there’s nothing left to tear up in ESL.

It could be the case that these clubs were being raided for another reason — Maybe it was all politics.  Maybe they weren’t playing ball with the Big Tribal Chief, and these raids were the equivalent of the ANC necklacing other blacks in South Africa.




2 responses

4 06 2012

Is it called Club Rolex because everyone inside is wearing a fake Rolex, or because if anybody wearing a Rolex actually entered they would be clubbed over the head?

4 06 2012

My guess is that it has to do with the usual black mentality of the talisman. If you call the run down joint “Rolex,” then everyone who goes into it will become as urbane and sophisticated and rich as people who can afford and wear Rolexes. It’s similar to the days around here of deseg/busing between city and suburbs: I literally heard black parents say that their children will learn better in suburban schools because they have carpeting on the floors.

BTW, I may have missed the whole point of this deal about early closing times in ESL. Something on Nicholas Stix’s blog might have clued me in to what’s really going on. More on that later.

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