He Used to be Ridiculous. Now He’s Ridiculous.

7 06 2012

The Blaze:

Meet the Once Anti-Semitic Muslim Who’s Now an Ardent Supporter of Israel

Once an ardently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic radical Muslim, now a proud Zionist. Not too many people own that bio, but that’s exactly how Kasim Hafeez describes himself.

Hafeez was born into a British Muslim household to Pakistani parents “and with the constant drip of indoctrination at home and in my circle of friends, became both anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic in my teen years,” he writes on his website. He says his father would frequently praise Adolf Hitler, describing the Nazi dictator’s only shortcoming as his failure to kill even more Jews during the Holocaust. In his community, he was bombarded with messages calling for the destruction of Israel which was perpetually presented as a terror state.

Muslim Zionist Kasim Hafeez Battles Anti Israel Media BiasHafeez says he bullied Jews in college and it was only after reading Alan Dershowitz’s “The Case for Israel” that he began to doubt his beliefs. In fact he had planned to read the book as an exercise in deconstructing the “vile Zionist propaganda,” but it ended up challenging him to the core.


As a result, the British-Pakistani-Muslim founded The Israel Campaign, dedicated to defending Israel, the “democracy under siege” by battling misconceptions about Israel rife in the mainstream media. He is also on the advisory board of Stand With Us, a group that advocates for Israel on campus and elsewhere. He writes, “No other state is the target of such malicious propaganda, boycott and divestment campaigns to damage the viability of the tiny state.”

So he’s gone from anti to borderline philo.

How has he really changed?  He’s still obsessed with Jews, but he’s gone from negatively obsessed to positively obsessed.

The right answer is not to care that much.





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