More House Tour

13 06 2012

I took these this past Saturday, the same day I took my Lafayette Square pics.

Generally, these are McKinley HS – Sigel Elementary – Old City Hospital – Tucker/12th – Allen Market Lane – Lemp – Sidney – Indiana.  I don’t feel like typing a caption for each of the following 68 photos, but if you can ask in the comments section if you want to know about an individual picture.  Yes, as you can see, I did get the now-famous “Eminent Domain” mural.  I also solved the mystery behind one of the houses in my first house tour, which you will see again and close-up in this one — The reason that house (as it turns out, on 2416 Lemp) has trash cans on the street is because it has no back alley (which I already deduced), but it has no back alley because I-55 is right behind it.  I hope that house is well insulated.

The very large church near the end is St. Francis De Sales.  President Bush 41 spoke there during the 1992 re-election campaign.  For proof, see this and this.

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2 responses

13 06 2012

Great stuff, again.

But what possessed you to put up a picture of a Walgreens?

13 06 2012

From comments made before, I presume you’re a native and/or current St. Louisan.

That is a relatively new WG on the corner of Lafayette and the Truman Parkway. It looks a bit different from a typical newer WG, in that they tried to use fake looking brick work to make it kinda sorta fit in with the neighborhood’s residential architecture. I guess it’s as good as you’ll get from a new box WG.

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