We’re Number Three

13 06 2012

We’re behind Dirt-Rot (2) and Flint, Michigan (1).

As much as I love to point out these kinds of stories to whet my own sensationalism, common sense teaches me that there is no way St. Louis City is anywhere close to being comparably dangerous as (or sometimes officially, more dangerous than) Dirt-Rot.  Spare me — How can a city that’s not even half black (and the black percentage is slowly declining) be comparable to a city that’s 90% black?  The tangible reason is that since the SLPD is under state control, they report crime stats more accurately.  Also, St. Louis’s city budget is nowhere near Dirt-Rot style insolvency.




One response

13 06 2012

Chicago not even making the list is a testament to Garry McCarthy’s “mad skillz” in crime reclassification. Let’s keep them federal dollars rolling in because they sure are working to reduce crime!

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