Funny. The Climate Is Never This Raucous When I Buy Shoes.

16 06 2012

The way they were lining up and jockeying for position, you would that they were applying for job.

I know, surely I jest.

I can all but guarantee you that as a result of what you just saw, someone will shoot someone else.




One response

16 06 2012

Arrested development? Is this the same thing, need for conformity, normal folks experience when they’re circa 11 years old, or thereabouts? I vaguely remember really wanting a pair of fringed leather boots when I was in 4th, or 5th, grade. It was all the range at the time. That ‘need’ to have the ‘cool’ stuff didn’t last more than six months to a year ‘though, as far as I remember. It’s a shame I don’t really remember all that well.

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