Give That Dog a Bone

16 06 2012

WTOP-FM Washington DC:

Weird pet behavior: Racist dogs and rolling cats

WASHINGTON – When it comes to weird canine behavior, this one may take the cake: A racist dog.

But according to Dr. Katy Nelson, an Alexandria veterinarian who answered questions during a live chat on Thursday, the behavior is not all that uncommon.

“Every time [my dog] is around my friend who is African American, she freaks out,” wrote Kathrine, a commenter during the chat. “She is usually docile and friendly. Anything I can do about this? It’s embarrassing.”

Yes, there is something you can do about it.  Pay attention to the ole girl, and give up your black friends.  She’s trying to save your life.  You’re embarrassing yourself in front of your dog.

I get the feeling your “friendship” with the blacks which your dog doesn’t like is far more a figment of your imagination than reality.




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