Thou Shalt Not Steal

16 06 2012

While he was in the can waiting for sentencing on a conviction on stolen checks, he used a stolen credit card to refill his commissary.

He’ll do 27 months for the latter, but he’ll get to do that time concurrently with the 46 months he’ll do for the former.

Notice this happened while he was in the Ste. Genevieve County can.  I doubt he was actually from Ste. Gen County, though.




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16 06 2012
16 06 2012

You never know, they might get the same cell.

With only a few hundred dollars in his bank account, Page used the ATM at a Detroit casino and it allowed him to make unlimited withdrawals.

With only a few hundred dollars in his bank account, he shouldn’t have been going to a casino.

Before Bank of America caught on, Page had withdrawn $312,000 at Greektown Casino, $103,000 at MGM Grand Casino and $514,000 at Motor City Casino. After 15 days of unlimited withdrawals the bank put a stop on the account, but not before $1.5 million was withdrawn and then gambled away.

Gambled away a megabuck and a half, and didn’t win anything? I guess the house always does win. At what point did the bank get suspicious, that someone who was neither rich nor famous was taking out huge amounts?

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