Billions and Billions Not So Happily Served

19 06 2012


Survey shows McDonald’s lowest in fast-food satisfaction

Being the biggest doesn’t necessarily yield the happiest customers, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index released Tuesday. Oak Brook-based McDonald’s Corp. received the lowest customer satisfaction ranking of any full-service or fast-food chain on the survey, with 73 percent satisfaction, up from 72 percent.

McDonald’s, which serves 68 million customers around the world every day, has been a historically poor performer on the satisfaction index. The chain has shown significant improvement in the past decade, up from 61 percent satisfaction in 2002. Competitors Burger King and Wendy’s have posted smaller gains over the last decade, but their ratings were still higher in 2011. Wendy’s outperformed all burger rivals with a 78 percent rating, and Burger King remained at 75 percent.

Yeah, but just wait until 365Black kicks into full gear.  Once it does, it’ll be 73% dissatisfaction.




3 responses

19 06 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

All serve toxic sludge, AFAIC. My MacDonald’s has flyers and banners prominently displayed bragging that they “100% support and fund Hispanic scholarships” — reason enough for me to personally boycott McD’s poisonous food — and their stupid policies.

Hell, enough of my tax dollars go to support illegal Hispanics and third generation Hispanic welfare parasites – and now, in California, we have our OWN version of the dream act — generous state money for illegal immigrant children to attend the universities that I pay hellish taxes to support!

Scholarships for White children??– what are you, some kind of Nazi??


20 06 2012

I know someone who was in a middle management position over the St. Louis operations of a certain well known national chain of fast feeders whose home office is in San Diego, though I won’t say which one. He tells me that the one he worked for and almost all fast feeders do indeed give the locations in white areas “better” food (in as much as fast feeder food can be “good.”) That’s because ghetto blacks will eat anything that comes out of a clown’s head. Hispanics not much better. So why waste the “better” food on them?

20 06 2012

McDonald’s got the heads up before the pink slime report came out and they stopped using it prior to the report being made public.

We have a “privately” funded Dream Act here ….. managed by the state. They’re just slipping it into us slowly here in Illinois …. give it a few years and it will be getting tax dollars, hell, we’re already paying for it’s employees ….

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