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19 06 2012


Sandusky’s Continuing Cowardice

The horror movie playing right now in a small courtroom in Bellefonte, Pa., didn’t have to happen.

None of the eight alleged victims of 68-year-old former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky should’ve been made to squirm on the witness stand and tell how Sandusky reportedly molested them in campus showers, basement bedrooms, even the football team sauna.

Testifying under their own names, they wept. They whispered. They trembled. One left the courthouse with a black bag over his head. Justice shouldn’t cost this much.

But all eight of these young men, ages 18 to 28, had to testify because Jerry Sandusky didn’t have the guts or the courage or the decency to cop a plea and go to jail. He could’ve saved them the pain, the shame and the degradation.


His only chance is this jury trial, and hoping beyond hope that one of his stupid defenses cons the jury.  Because for him, one day in prison is just as bad as 100 years.  In fact, I think a shorter prison term would be worse, because if he gets a very long bid, they’ll hold him in protective custody for awhile, and at some indeterminate point in the future, after he’s all but forgotten, the guards will look the other way.  If he gets a short bid, the guards have an incentive to look the other way sooner.

That’s why we have not yet heard about the death of Michael Devlin.  That’s because he’s in for virtually the rest of his life; the guards can afford to be patient.




One response

19 06 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

THIS is what I didn’t get — Sandusky apparently DID have the chance to “cop a plea” and save himself and everyone else from such salacious details as the kid who stated that he kept throwing away his underwear because he was bleeding anally after having sex with Sandusky. Hell, it’s So sick.

The defense figures that these are “troubled” youths with dysfunctional lives (the very targets of predators like Sandusky) who didn’t understand that Jerry was just trying to “help them” not molest them!! — the lawyer will try to make mincemeat out of their testimony — remember Sandusky is NOT backing down. AND, I understand there are a number of Pen State fans on the jury.

I’ve heard experienced lawyers say to never trust juries, they are wild cards and this one may be such.

This sick, perverted a-hole has already done untold damage to Penn State’s reputation and ruined a number of lives including the children he molested.

His wife’s testimony today was pathetic.


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