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20 06 2012


East St. Louis officials make plea to state: Don’t abolish school board

SPRINGFIELD — East St. Louis school officials on Wednesday said they’re trying to cooperate with the state and not trying to undermine the state’s intervention.

They made their plea at a meeting of the State Board of Education, which on Thursday will meet again and decide whether to accept the advice of State Superintendent Christopher Koch, who is recommending that the East St. Louis District 189 school board members be removed from office.

“Please don’t be takin’ over da skoo bord and takin away our powa.  We won’t be able to give no jobs and no contwacts to our bruthaz and sistahz and cuzzins and auntys.”

English translation:  “I kindly request even to the point of fellatio that you not make our positions as elected school board members in East St. Louis superfluous.  For if you do, we will not be able to abuse our positions of power and authority to grant sinecures to loved ones.”




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20 06 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

One of the HUGE problems with school boards, especially in this day and age, is they are manned by elected IDIOTS who have NO clue as to what goes on inside of a school, have NO clue as to budgetary issues, how businesses or schools operate, the state-mandate curricula, the state Ed code or educational law — they sign off on all kinds of things or think they have a chance to impose their utopian vision on the schools.

For example, the school board that runs my district, the LAUSD recently mandated that ALL students pass Algebra II as a condition of receiving a high school diploma — ALL students must be on a UC-accepted course from 9-12. (Charles Murray says only 10% of students are capable of handling college-level work).

I spoke to two colleagues recently, one of whom told me that ≈ 75% of the Algebra I students at her school FAILED for the semester, the other colleague reported an ≈ 73% failure rate for Algebra I at his school. These are so-called “regular” schools. Now how are those students supposed to pass Algebra II if they can’t pass Algebra I?? And how is that the teacher’s fault if the kid shows up in Algebra I and can’t add, subtract, multiply or divide? AND, that is what makes up MOST of your class??

Election to the school board is often a stepping stone to “higher office.” Few are educators who have spent time in front of 40+ unruly students who read at a 4th grade level and compute at the addition/subtraction level — and understand that THAT is their limit.

NOW, the school board has mandated that test scores be tied to teachers’ salaries. Expect rampant cheating.

I don’t recommend that anyone become a teacher else he find himself in an impossible, no-win situation.


21 06 2012

This is ESL we’re talking about. The idiots that make it to the school board are only slightly less idiotic than the idiot voters who put them there. Being on the ESL SB could be a stepping stone to prison.

21 06 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

It’s no different in Los Angeles.


21 06 2012

I have been thinking about this for some time.

Here’s my take after the dissolution of the Nashville and Kansas City School systems.

This is beginning of the end of “states”.

ESL schools can’t be integrated into another school system because of it’s location ….. but what if there was a better one just two miles away across a state line?

Court dissolves Imaginary Aye School System in State Afro, rule that the system will be run by Imaginary Bee School System in State Better

Imaginary Aye School System in State Afro money goes to a school system run School System Aye-Bee, and Imaginary Bee School System in State Better money goes to the same.

Now because of the disparities in funds available, you’ve handed local property taxes to the Feds because of the ICC, and essentially taxpayers in the Bee-Better tax funding region will be forced to support the entire school system Aye-Bee.

21 06 2012

I wouldn’t doubt that this is the future. But for now, it does not seem that the ESL district will be dissolved, but it will be taken over for sure. If they do dissolve it, Cahokia (just to the south) is mostly black, and Belleville (directly southeast) is heavily black, especially western Belleville which borders ESL (spillover).

21 06 2012

ESL weould be a great example if there was a good system on the other side of the river because there is going to have to be a significant divider of the two locations, and I think it is going to be water. The Missouri, the Ohio, the Mississippi, a bay, a sound, etc.

21 06 2012

Of course, there isn’t a good system on the other side of the river. It too is under its state’s control, and has been for some time. Hmm, merge St. Louis and East St. Louis…worse combined than they ever could be individually.

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