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20 06 2012

I can think of a better word than “threaten.”

White House Dossier:

Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk, as the first serious black candidate for president sailed to victory in a largely colorblind campaign that emphasized his personal qualities and proposals.

Obama refrained from making his race an issue, and his opponents mostly left it alone too.

But events in the past week raise concern that race is being inserted into the 2012 campaign, particularly as a means to slander those who attack the president.

Left-leaning members of the mainstream media on numerous times in recent days have made race a part of the political equation, with many raising questions about whether conservatives are racially motivated in their treatment of President Obama.

The introduction of racial issues threatens to create a new and pernicious element of divisiveness that could create racial tensions during the campaign and induce a dangerous racial backlash after it, no matter who wins.

Why so Debbie Downer?  To me, this is a feature, not a bug.  Bring it on.

As ole Limey Ike once said, for every action…though our reaction might not be so equal and opposite.




3 responses

20 06 2012
Techno Dan

I’ve become pretty racist in my later years, but it has nothing to do with not liking Obama. Obama’s “rule” has been terrible. As racist as I am, I’d still take Alan Keyes for president.

20 06 2012

Keyes came out for slavery reparations in his Senate race versus Obama.

20 06 2012
Bon, From the Land of Babble

“The 2008 campaign was remarkably free of racial talk”

Nonsense. It was ALL about race. Race has ALWAYS been a part of the oBama regime’s strategy.

Fear of being called a “racist” is the reason McCain didn’t properly vet oBama as he should have — laid off Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, and oBama’s school records and test scores, when those should have been slam dunks for McCain. He was afraid of being called a racist. McCain KNEW the press was not on his side.

Same with the recent amnesty — it’s a NO win situation for Mitts. If he came out against the amnesty, the media would have hammered him relentlessly from every angle from now until Nov. for wanting to “throw innocent children in the streets” who came here through “no fault of their own” and are “an asset to the U.S.” He knew it, he was over a barrel, at the mercy of a VERY hostile press.

I expect from here until Nov. it will be nothing BUT race, race and race. By tomorrow Issa will be called every name for racist on MSNBC, the alphabet channels, by loud mouths like Sheila Jackson Lee and Clay from MO.

And, kudos to Issa, from California no less. Do you know how he made his millions?? Ever heard a voice say “Step Away From the Car!” when passing a car closely in a parking lot?? That’s Issa’s voice!!

He and that father who killed his 5 year old daughter’s molester are my new heroes.


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