I’m Not in a Difficult Position (Even If You Are)

20 06 2012


Boehner says Obama’ s immigration policy ‘puts everyone in a difficult position’

WASHINGTON (CNN) — House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that President Obama’s new policy temporarily preventing deportation of certain young, illegal immigrants announced last week “puts everyone in a difficult position.”

“I think we all have concerns for those who are caught in this trap through no fault of their own and are here,” Boehner said in his first public reaction to the policy announced Friday.

This is another reason why Obama played this card last week, because he knew the underpowered response from the Republican establishment would cause internecine sniping.  Obama knew it would put a lot of Republicans in a “difficult position.”

I’m going to turn Boehner into an instant liar, by telling you that this doesn’t put me in a difficult position, and therefore, not everyone is in a difficult position.  Then again, you knew that as of this morning.

Nor does it put the DREAMers in a difficult position.  Even though they don’t technically have legal status as a result of this move, the longer they stay, the harder it’s going to be to ship ’em back.




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