Accuracy in Media

25 06 2012

New York City

I’m going to make this NYP article a little more accurate by inserting and changing some words.

Affirmative Action TSA Hires Trigger JFK Chaos:  Sources

These black fools are keeping us safe?!?

The TSA’s bungling reached a new low yesterday when a JFK Airport terminal had to be evacuated and hundreds of first world passengers trying to make a living marched back through security screening all because one affirmative action dimwitted agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged, sources told The Post.

The stunning example of black competence led to hours of delays, two planes called back from the runway and infinite frustration for furious passengers, not to mention a measurable hit on America’s GDP.

“The truth is, this is the failure of the most basic level of intelligence,” a law-enforcement source too scared to tell the truth said.

“How can you expect the public to feel confident of the mission of the TSA if they hire every N’Desahwntavious and Booshondia off the streets?”





One response

25 06 2012

Have to disagree with you on this one, Count. This was a dry run to see how many muslims could make it through HIS security line! The phukktard who had his scanner unplugged is muslim. Alija Abdul Majed. He may well be black [I haven’t seen a picture of him], but this had nothing to do with whether or not he is competent. This had EVERYTHING to do with the cult known as islam!!!

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