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25 06 2012


Mother of the Closet Daughter of Kansas City.

It is said that she has two other daughters who were well fed and clean.  Yeah, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods — They’re direct descendants of their mother.




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25 06 2012

You know, I hate to be catty [yeah, not really], but it is always mind-boggling to see a photo of an ugly woman and read that she has more than ONE child. I guess there is someone for everyone out there… But this fn is seriously ugly. Not a mention of ANY baby-daddy for the three children. What a surprise.

25 06 2012

I guess there is someone for everyone out there…

Or, alternatively, black men tend to stronger alcohol. It’s like the old ads for a local chain of liquor stores state, “the more she drinks, the better you look.” Well, the more N’Deshawntavious and Quintavious and LeDandriff drank (and snorted and shot up), the better she looked.

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