Are You Good Witches or Bad Witches?

29 06 2012


This is the New Zimbabwe.  I’m surprised that “naked flying witches” are still being committed at all.  Anti-witchcraft laws are a remnant of white racist colonialism, i.e. people with frontal lobes calling black bunk as such and outlawing it.

Pretty soon, naked flying witches will be the majority of the country’s GDP.

Reading Material:  Washington Post, New Zimbabwe




2 responses

29 06 2012

The middle aged women claimed the basket “ditched” them in the yard after a naked night ritual nearby.

Yep, their just like you and me ….. except some of them can fly in a magic basket and believe that is an acceptable statement in court.

I’ll bet this is just part of the good old Zimbabwe space program …..

29 06 2012

Love it when flighty whites seem to actually believe in witchcraft.

Sarah Palin’s witch exorcism with Nigerian witchdoctor, er Christian.

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