Assault with a Stinky Weapon

29 06 2012



Woman throws cat litter box at man during argument, police say

A Belleville woman has been accused of throwing soiled kitty litter in the face of an acquaintance while in the midst of a heated argument.

Sherri Cain, 46, of 409 East Washington St., was charged Tuesday with battery.

Cain is accused of getting into an argument with a 35-year-old male victim about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday in Ever & Anon Park in Belleville. Cain allegedly threw a cat litter box full of used litter on the acquaintance.

Who carries around boxes full of “used” cat litter around while walking through a park?




One response

29 06 2012

Monkey shit fight club motto: Be prepared.

When you can not longer walk your part because it’s a rigor-mortised former pet laying on the carpet, take the next best thing for a walk ….

It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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