Immigration “Enforcement” In Obama’s America

29 06 2012


It’s as if the roles have reversed — Border Patrol agents are supposed to run and hide, and the illegal aliens can go wherever they want.




5 responses

29 06 2012

I thought this sort of thing was reserved for Canadians.

29 06 2012

lowly must be talking a Canadian Canadians, Dudly Do-Rights.

God forbid the the smugglers and their cargo don’t make it across with more meztizos, or cocaine for the HNIC.

But I guess this will keep them from getting hit by bullets from “Fast and Furious” guns.

29 06 2012

Dudly Do-Rights

Or the ghetto equivalent, Dontavious Do-Wrong.

29 06 2012

This is sedition against sanity, let alone against our nation. Vile. Hard to find humor in this as it is so damaging to this nation.

29 06 2012

You have to laugh at stuff like this, because there’s so much that if you did nothing but take it seriously, you would go insane.

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