It’s Like I Have Said — Nobody Knows Blacks Better Than Other Blacks

29 06 2012


The Dallas NAACP wants the state of Texas to end its lottery, because too many poor blacks buy lottery tickets.

Lotteries to me are two contradictory (or maybe not so contradictory) things:  They are a tax on those who are unable to grok probability and statistics, and they are the only chance that the average person has to come into a lot of money, especially people without any serious prospects at well paying employment.

No wonder Bellcurvius loves lotteries.

I have also said in this space in the past that if left to their own devices, blacks who have authority over other blacks will salami slice their way back to the system called Jim Crow or Segregation or Apartheid, and that the only reason blacks ever opposed those systems was not out of principle, but out of practicality — The NAACP-types wanted to control blacks, they don’t want whites to be able to control blacks.  A la meet the new boss, same as the old boss, only with slightly different paint.




4 responses

29 06 2012

I refer to the instant lottery ticket vending machine at the supermarket as the Negro IRA Terminal because I have never seen any other race use it.

29 06 2012

We had to get rid of cigarette machines because there were no ID checks. Why do we still have lottery machines? Answer: Because some government gets close to 100% of the money that people feed into those machines.

Why am I supposed to be upset that blacks play the lottery? To me, black playing lotto is governments getting their own money back.

This is why I’m not outraged about the CIA running drugs to fund its secret budgets.

29 06 2012

To me, black playing lotto is governments getting their own money back.</i

To me, black playing lotto is governments getting their my tax money back.

29 06 2012

Moochelle wants new laws so black children don’t get obese, per her speech at an “African” race-based church.

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