Miracles Do Happen

29 06 2012

City Hall

Nineteen people in a body of 28 elected officials voted today to do away with fourteen of their jobs.

This wouldn’t take effect until after the 2020 Census, though.  Good thing, too — By then, the city will have even fewer people (but hopefully more quality people), and having the same number of aldermen as it did when it had close to a million people at some point in the 1950s would make even less sense than it does now.  If this passes, once the 2020 Census data come out, then the beancounters will carve the city into 14 slices of roughly equal population instead of 28.

Good riddance, too — Of this board of 28 people, only two could work up the courage to vote against a resolution calling for slavery reparations.  Of those two, one of them, Fred Heitert, then the city’s only elected Republican office holder, was defeated last year.





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