29 06 2012


We don’t know for sure the identity of the suspect that got into a gun battle with an SLPD cop in Dogtown after the cop responded to the house for a domestic dispute.  But one maybe kinda sorta hint is that Channel 5 has a black reporter on the story.  Someone on AR noticed this:  When the mainstream TV media do black crime, they almost always have a black anchor and/or black reporter do it, as if it’s racial propaganda to neutralize the crime.

In this case, maybe the obligatory black reporter is a clue.




2 responses

29 06 2012

This is the part of Dogtown close to Maplewood. Could be a clue.

29 06 2012

People are just starting to notice this?

When all the TV political analysts suddenly turned black they just thought it was a coincidence?

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