Out of the Gang

29 06 2012

Chocolate City St. Louis

I call bullshit.

For one, the only two ways you truly leave a gang are either in a pine box or aging out.  For another, a liberal arts degree from Forest Park CC is about on par with a diploma from a slightly below average white high school.

Better Family Life believes that gang violence can be stopped by requesting that it stops.  Me, on August 21, 2007:

As an aside, KPLR ran film from a black group in north St. Louis called “Better Family Life,” that is pounding the pavement, and demanding a one-week moratorium on all crime in the aftermath of the murder of Officer Brown. Hell, if they have the power to make thugs stop being thugs for one week, why not ask them to stop for more than one week? If they have that kind of power, and it works, PLEASE, Better Family Life, tell the St. Louis City Police Department your secret!!!  At that rate, why didn’t they ask for this moratorium a long time ago?  Could Better Family Life be prosecuted or sued for being an accessory in every crime committed during the time when they didn’t call for a moratorium?  If they have that much power, it only stands to reason.  For real, BFL doesn’t have that power.  It’s only a platitude for screaming protesters to yell in front of TV cameras for good PR.

Another reason that BFL was blowing smoke out of its ass here is that gang violence isn’t warfare that a truce can stop, it’s an occupational hazard from the illicit drug trade.  Since illegal drugs are illegal, the normal system of civil and contract law can’t be used to agree to deals and adjudicate disputes.  Therefore, violence fills the void.  Bellcurvius A murders Bellcurvius B not because they’re at war with each other, but because A needed to uphold his gang’s drug distribution territory, and B infringed upon it somehow.




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