What Happens In Vegas Is Paid For By Missouri Taxpayers

29 06 2012


The “It’s Free Swipe Yo Missouri EBT” card has been used in Vegas and St. Thomas and God knows where.


Learning where some of those transactions took place did not sit well with Missouri Rep. Mike Kelley, a Republican from Lamar.

“I know a lot of my hard-working families don’t take vacations like that,” Kelley said.

Kelley co-sponsored a bill earlier this year that would have limited TANF card use to ATMs in Missouri.

“If we are going to give taxpayers’ dollars to help someone in a bad situation, we need to make sure that is what it’s being used for,” he said.

Don’t keep saying that too much, Kelley.  Otherwise, it will sound too much like “people who work for a living should live better than people who don’t,” which was said by that untouchable racist bigot George Wallace.




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