Once You Go 365Black

30 06 2012


“Guess the Race” games.  Yeah, like I need to guess.

It never used to be this way.




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1 07 2012

<blockquoteThen there are the games they play to pass the time, such as ‘guess the race’.

He writes: ‘Since we cannot see the people (only hear them on the drive thru headset, until they pull around), all employees play "guess the race" games most days.

‘I've personally gotten pretty good, certain races order certain food items together, and combined with the makes of their car, we are able to guess accurately before we see them face to face.

‘(Pontiac, dodge, or chevy are almost all driven by blacks)’

LMAO. I could have told you that just from living in Chicago. — But it’s different in small towns.

1 07 2012

Remember the old “Pontiac” joke? Poor Ole “N” Thinks It’s A Cadillac.

1 07 2012

I was thinking of that.

1 07 2012

Damn … forgot to close my tag.

No longer is cheapness and quickness an excuse to consume for me. I have not eaten food from a McDonald’s or any other fast food joint in over two years. Only time I even want to is when I am in a grossly white area where half the employees are older white women.

1 07 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

I have given up on all but one fast-food outlet in my area. I live in the Highway 280 corridor that runs from the I459 out to the south end of Birmingham and beyond. YOU CANNOT get an order filled that is correct; you cannot get an order in a timely fashion, or both, in any fast-food joint in the corridor EXCEPT for Zaxby’s. And, they have white help.

The Wendy’s near my office has at least two male Negroes in their employ who have these odd, tied-back, pigtail-like affairs that appear to have exploded. they are not wearing hair nets.

1 07 2012

I might have said this before here, but you might find that the fast feeder food is a little better from white fast feeders in white areas than from the bell curve part of town.

I know someone who was a regional mangler (sic) for a well known San Diego fast feeder chain, (hint: John inside a corrugated cardboard enclosure), and he told me that all the fast feeders give their least good food (in as much as fast feeder food is good) to the black restaurants. The reason is, Bellcurvius will eat anything that comes out of a clown’s head as if it’s the ne plus ultra of culinary excellence, so why waste the “good” choices on them?

Even when faced with obviously better choices, I have found that Bellcurvius still loves that McCrapInASack.

1 07 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

i am almost entirely off of any kind of fast food. If I need a quick lunch, I have a local place, owned by a white man, and staffed by whites (one is a very pleasant Russian man). I get a big slice if pizza, a good-size salad, and all the unsweet tea I want for less than at the adjacent Wendy’s.

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