She’s a Genius

30 06 2012

Playboy Mansion

Well, you have to admit that she’s good at something.

And the Federal government has certified her as a genius.

The article talks about a lot of obviously white immigrants using these visas.  So why is it hosted on Reuters India?




2 responses

1 07 2012

Reuter’s upper management marketing decision? If a tit shaker can get in surely Rajesh PhD can ….. and I would guess that Rajesh PhD would make a better citizen than a woman that would crawl into bed with the corpse of Hugh Hefner.

British-born Scott Allison, co-founder of a software company called Teamly, was returning to the United States earlier this month and enjoyed a rare welcome from customs officials after they caught a glimpse of his new O-1 visa.

“‘Wow, you must be really awesome,'” he recalls one commenting before waving him through. “I’m like, ‘Gee, thanks.'”

‘Wow, you must be really awesome’?

1 07 2012

WordPress has a system which catches spam comments. Every once in awhile, I’ll check it to see if it accidentally ensnares legit comments, which has to you and to Friendly Grizz a few times. Seems like every fifth piece of spam wants to lead you to a place where you can get a “nude girlfriend.” Tempting, yes, but I know the catch is that she probably has STD layered on top of STD and a dozen moocher relatives looking to lasso on to her for green cards.

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