Don’t You Know? That’s Racism.

3 07 2012

Northern Virginia

Washington Examiner:

Northern Virginia pair charged with $400k Medicaid fraud

Two Prince William County residents have been charged in connection with a health care fraud scam that investigators say bilked Medicaid out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a three-year period.

Federal officials charged Irvine Johnston King, 46, and Aisha Rashidatu King, 40, with more than two dozen fraud-related offenses on Thursday. The two own Bright Beginnings Healthcare Services, a home health care business in Woodbridge that provides in-home care and private nursing services to Medicaid-eligible patients.

The Feds rarely release mugshots, but “Aisha Rashidatu” is telling enough.

Don’t expect these criminal proceedings to go by with someone screaming racism.  Oh no.

And also, reparations for slavery.




2 responses

4 07 2012

The Feds rarely release mugshots, but “Aisha Rashidatu” is telling enough.

And the name Irvine Johnston King isn’t?

The only time a white person has a last name as a middle name is when it is a family name, and an odd or out of use first name when it was the given name of a relative 4 or 5 generations back.

Would you think Aubrey Kerr McClendon looks like Irvine Johnston King?

4 07 2012

A lot of white southerners, especially men, at least until recently regularly went by three names. The parents saddled him with three names in order to give him a middle name relevant to the mother’s side of the family in order to placate the kid’s maternal grandfather.

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