Go Ahead. Cut Your Throat.

3 07 2012


H/T to “DM from Florida” for bringing this story to my attention.

Miami Herald:

Advocates calls for federal action to restore ex-felons’ voting rights

Hundreds of thousands of Florida ex-felons who have completed their sentences still can’t vote, a prohibition that is hindering their re-entry into society, a group of voting rights advocates said Tuesday as they urged Congress to step in.

Changes made last year in Florida have stopped restoration efforts for ex-felons who have served their prison sentences or completed probation, a shift in policy that came four years after former Gov. Charlie Crist and the Cabinet voted to join most other states and automatically restore the rights of felons who had paid their debt to society.

Hampered in efforts to change state law, Mark Schlakman, a Democratic candidate for Congress and Walter McNeil, former Department of Corrections secretary, on Tuesday urged Florida’s congressional delegation to push for federal law changes to require automatic restoration of civil rights for federal elections.

The practical result, said Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho, would be that state election officials would follow suit because a dual registration system for state and federal elections would not work.

“DM” tells me that according to local eyeball news in Orlando, the advocates of this measure are claiming that the reason the recidivism rate among Florida’s ex-cons is so high is because “they don’t have a stake in their community” by being allowed to vote.  Okay, so what explains recidivism in states where convicted felons can vote, which is most states?

I think the sane politicians in Florida should be shrewd.  Offer the other side the idea of allowing convicted felons to vote after they’re out of prison and complete with their probation.  You know black politicians will be dumb enough to take the bait.

“Dumb?  Whachya mean, Blogmeister?”

The civil rights cabal bitches about the disparate impact that blanket bans on felons voting has on black men.  And that’s correct.  But a system like Missouri’s, and the one that I am suggesting for Florida, has an even bigger disparate impact on blacks.  Black ex-cons have a harder time finishing their probation than whites.  Therefore, a given white ex-con is more likely to finish probation and be able to vote again than a black ex-con, who, in true ghetto parlance, is doing life on the installment plan.  And you can bet white ex-cons won’t be voting Democrat, because they were in prison around a lot of blacks, come out of prison absolutely hating blacks, (Patterson’s First Axiom), and will want nothing to do with the political party of blacks.




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