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3 07 2012


She fatally killed herself during a game of Russian Roulette.

Yet, the text of this story keeps using the wrong gender pronouns.




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3 07 2012
Rebecca Smith

Honey, that means the story is ‘google translated’ or something like that from the original language. I haven’t read the story, so I don’t know where it originates, but that dude with that long blonde hair looks Scandinavian and I’m living in Sweden right now. Gender pronouns are the most fucked up thing when you translate news articles or blogs, etc., and will constantly change back from he/she she/he. When I first came here I almost went insane trying to understand machine translated articles. Gender pronouns just don’t mean anything to them, apparently.

Sweden is such a stupid fucking douchebag country that they are actually trying to encourage TEACHERS (and others) to DROP gender pronouns. Can you fucking believe that? Teachers are ‘bragging’ oh yeah, I try to just say “student” or something instead of ‘him or her’. They want to create a new word, I think “hen” to be gender neutral.
He, She, It = Han, Hon, Den (so I guess HEN is a combo of IT and he/she) fucking retarded mother fuck cunts. Ball busting dyke politicians more focused on emasculating Swedish men & never mention the way the muslim hoards treat women.

The only people this kind of attitude helps is the god damned fucking muslim immigrants who I’m pretty sure will NEVER use gender neutral pronouns and who are as diametrically opposite of the belief that humans ‘force’ men and women into certain behaviors that can be changed.
In the meantime their men are total pig assholes, but they are steadily turning the vikings here into faggots and androgynous pussies, ripe for a beating to death at the hands of the filthy muslims.

You got me on a roll on this one, I’m sorry, but I’m from the South (united states) and men down there tend to stick with stereotypes of ‘what men are supposed to be like’. They hunt, fish, take out the garbage, paint the house, do the lawn, and cook out meat on the grill. I like it when a man opens the door for me, or takes my arm when I descend the stairs wearing heels.

HERE? They have people complaining that when they send their elementary school sons to school wearing glitter and pink fingernail polish other kids bully them. HERE? There was an AD that showed a man grilling meat so of course there was an outcry about sexism, and the media wailed about some bullshit that media shouldn’t spread the ‘lies’ that ‘men and women are different’. YES there were actually NEWS REPORTS about the ad being SEXIST. YEAH who would believe that shit, right? Men and women DIFFERENT? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) NO WAY.

I mean god knows the immigrants are gang raping 12 year olds to death here, but, let’s focus on the sexist ad about men USING A GRILL.
Because, you know, we need to keep our priorities straight.
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ

3 07 2012
Rebecca Smith

WOW it happened in Florida, and yet his name is THORIN, which is a common nordic name. So the he/she thing was a product of the shit schools in america, not the shit translating machines invented by americans. Who knew?

Although I did read an article a couple of days ago that said “she spoked in public for the first time” as in ‘she had spoken, she spoke, she came to speak in public’
yeah, SPOKED which is not even a fucking word, much less the past tense of anything, unless it means gouging someone’s eye out with the spoke of a bicycle tire, you know “YEAH I SPOKED HIM GOOD” jab jab


3 07 2012

You can never rely on computer translation algorithms. Hint: Take a typical paragraph of text, from a news story, use the translator to translate it into a non-English language, then copy that and have the translator translate that back into English. It’s like a game of telephone.

I think you’re missing my snark — Don’t feel too bad, a lot of people do that. Snark is a cup of tea, but not everyone’s cup of tea. I knew all along that he was a he, but I was just making fun of his androgynous appearance.

4 07 2012

Thinnning the herd …. now if we could just introduce this game to the inner city. Imagine the WSHH videos of the one survivor per gang hootin and hollerin’ about how he “wons”.

BO would probably issue an executive order outlawing Russian Roulette if it happened to a inner city child who looked like “his son would look, if he had a son” played it..

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