The Borderline

3 07 2012

Gangland America

Who could have figured this?


Remapping gang turf: Math model shows crimes cluster on borders between rivals

A mathematical model that has been used for more than 80 years to determine the hunting range of animals in the wild holds promise for mapping the territories of street gangs, a UCLA-led team of social scientists reports in a new study.

“The way gangs break up their neighborhoods into unique territories is a lot like the way lions or honey bees break up space,” said lead author P. Jeffrey Brantingham, a professor of anthropology at UCLA.

Further, the research demonstrates that the most dangerous place to be in a neighborhood packed with gangs is not deep within the territory of a specific gang, as one might suppose, but on the border between two rival gangs. In fact, the highest concentration of conflict occurs within less than two blocks of gang boundaries, the researchers discovered.

I’ve been telling you this for years.

Gangs protect the street level “retail” illicit drug trade, because illicit drugs are illegal, ergo civil and contract law cannot resolve disputes.  Gang violence is a result of “border” skirmishes — A given corner where one gang can sling dope and make money is a corner where a neighboring gang cannot, and there are only so many street corners.  It’s a zero sum game.

They equated gang bangers with animals.  Queue racism accusations in three, two, one…

Why do you think that big city police departments are so hesitant to bust up gangs even though there’s ample evidence to put away most big time ‘bangers for life?  The answer is that if they do that, it will only open up a power vacuum in ghetto and barrio gang land that will only be resolved with shooting and violence.  On the flip side of the coin, the cops can string along the big gang leaders to have them keep their young foot soldiers in line.  When he was CPD Supernintendo, Jody Weis (“J-Fed”) had at least two “closed door” meetings with what were said to be “ex-cons.”  Translation:  J-Fed was warning the Big Chiefs to keep your Indians in line or we’re handing evidence packages over to Patrick Fitzfong’s office and you’re goin’ away to Club Fed for life.  In the case of the Cabrini-Greens in Chicago, the situation was least bad when one singular drug gang controlled the whole complex.  It’s only when young’ens got heads of steam and broke away from the main gang, and when the U.S. Attorneys started handing down indictments, that the C-Gs turn into shooting galleries.




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