“The Situation in Ukrania”

3 07 2012

Kiev, Ukraine

That was one of Bush 43’s malapropisms, reacting to the Orange Revolution of 2004-5.


Euro 2012 fans take aim at Kiev shooting range

ours to Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident, are popular with tourists visiting the Ukraine, but an even bigger attraction, particularly with football fans and gun enthusiasts, are the city’s shooting ranges.

Since the collapse of communism in Europe some 20 years ago, shooting ranges where tourists can fire automatic and semi-automatic weapons have sprung up on the outskirts of Kiev and in eastern European countries.

Everyone from businessmen to members of bachelor parties turn up to fire a few rounds from weapons most Europeans only ever see in the movies.

“There are shooting ranges in France but nothing like this. And certainly not an AK-47,” said Phillippe, a security consultant from Paris, who preferred not to give his surname.

Each member of the group of French tourists at the Falcon Sport Shooting club near Kiev had a chance to fire an AK-47 in automatic and semi-automatic modes, before switching to the Soviet-made Dragunov rifle.

“Previously our business was mostly British groups,” said Vika Dobrovolska, operations manager at Kiev Tours, which arranged the shooting practice session.

“But during Euro 2012 (Football Championship) we’ve had hundreds of Swedes out here, French, Italians, often several groups a day. I would say it’s our most popular activity by far,” she said.

Dobrovolska said shooting is a very “manly activity,” and that most of the visiting football fans are men.

“I would say 99.999 percent are men – and the other 0.001 percent is made up of me and my colleague Sasha,” she added.

The Swedes and the French are finally rediscovering their manhood.  It’s about time.

Now, in the case of France, it’s time to put that manhood to good use and make Marine Le Pen your next President.

I am told that gun ranges in Nevada and Arizona are similarly full of non-Americans who are looking to “feel the power.”




One response

4 07 2012

I have never been to a gun range but then I grew up in BFWV (Bum ….West Virginia). Couldn’t imagine why they would need them in Nevada. There is nothing in that state but a few watering holes. Everything else is sand and mountains.

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