Why Does This Sound So Familiar?

3 07 2012

South Africa

“He wanted to help them.”

This fool is a native St. Louisan.

You would think that someone who is so familiar with chimps should know that chimps aren’t really cognizant of a higher order thinking skill like charity.  Hell, some humans (ahem, ahem, cough, cough) really don’t grok it, and turn on the people helping them.




One response

4 07 2012

Oberle was giving a lecture to approximately a dozen tourists on Thursday when a pair of chimps, Nikki and Amadeus, yanked him underneath a security fence and began biting and striking him, according to authorities.

And the difference between a chimp and a North American Pavement Ape is?

And the response from the other employees of the Jane Goodall Chimp F’king Institute was ….. not that much different than US response to NAPA attacks, sorry I mean “yoof mischiff”.

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