Weekend Wrap-Up

7 07 2012


Naked Bike Ride coming at the end of this month to the same neighborhood where all the good LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers were proud of themselves just recently.  Again, same reaction on my part:  Where’s the outrage over KMLK?

There has not been an outbreak of Critical Mass in St. Louis, yet.  Thank God.

*  Former Governor Matt Blunt, now the head of a lobbying group for the automotive industry, sings the praises of said industry.

Yeahbut…on his watch, two major assembly line plants in his state closed, Ford in Hazelwood and Chrysler in Fenton.  Though that’s certainly not his fault, at least not all his fault.  But it makes for bad timing and PR.

Where there are apartments, there are Bellcurviuses.  Even if it’s in the part of town where cops live.

*  It’s a simple law of physics.  Ole Ike Newton figured it out:  Two different objects of mass cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  (Hence, car insurance.)  And it’s a simple law of politics:  You can’t throw two incumbent politicians into the same district without there being acrimony.  Part I and Part II.

This made national news, but I’m putting it in the regional pile because this was in the SNL, and Brad Pitt grew up in Springfield.

Daily Mail covers the suicide-in-cop-car deal from North County.  Hell, we’re getting better reporting about stuff that goes on in our back yard from London than we are our own media.


Bad move, NYPD.

Be Machiavellian.  Let them record all they want.  All it will accomplish is to show people why SaF is necessary.

*  SaF is not “polarizing” New York.  It’s making the Big Chief Reverends mad.  But I should warn them — The people who are kept safe by SaF tend to dump a lot of money on national Democrats, while the kind of people inconvenienced by SaF are only expected to vote for Democrats.  It’s a lot easier for the Manhattan “luminaries” to stop writing checks to Democrats than it is for black people in New York City not to vote for Democrats.  This is why the DOJ will huff and puff and huff and puff about SaF just to keep the Big Chief Reverends happy, but they’ll never truly blow the house down, to keep the money spigot from shutting down.

North Carolina’s “Racial Justice Act” (i.e. no death penalty for black murderers) is getting a little less generous.  The heavily Republican state legislature, over Governor Beverly Perdue’s veto, made it harder to stop executions based on the act.  Fine and good, but I wish they would have used their political capital to repeal it.

This was a throw down.  I bet the suspects weren’t really little angels.

*  It wasn’t enough that the NEA went from the Democrat Party’s favorite interest group a decade ago to the pariah that stands in the way of “Superman” coming today.  Now, it’s losing members like there’s no tomorrow.  At this rate, “no tomorrow” might literally be tomorrow.

Jumped the shark?  You betcha.

I was praying to God for the Supreme Court to get it wrong.  Unless I wasn’t.

Joe Arpaio is pretty much set for money.

*  Remember that story awhile back about a seven-year old boy who tried to kill himself because he was being bullied?

Well, it turns out that the media spelled “raped” wrong.

They blame the taser.  I blame the Bellcurviuses that can’t play a game without fighting and getting violent.  Like I said, basketball among blacks is like Pok-a-Tok among the ancient Mayans — A ritual far more than a game, for which there must be human sacrifice at the end.

He was 35 years old and was an “aspiring” football coach?  If you’re not already coaching by that age, you better aspire to something else.

People are making a BHAD over California’s “anti-Arizona” immigration bill.  The truth is, most major cities in the state already have this policy, and the state kinda sorta already has this policy for state law enforcement agencies.  All this bill would do is apply it to the scant few “red” areas of the state that remain and its local cops.

AME Church comes out for Eric “My People” Holder.  Hint:  The “A” in AME stands for African.

It’s just one of many churches (and by “many,” I mean “all”) that need their 501-c-x status pulled, stat.

Once again, you can’t tell the (non-) swimmers “no.”

Don’t trust people who don’t speak English with alcohol?

Neither do I.

Hell, I don’t trust a lot of Ebonics speakers with alcohol.

Why we don’t give serious political power to teenagers, Part MCMXLIII.

*  I’m glad to know that both Ron and Rand Paul have picked up on the phony-trojan horse nature of this “Declaration of Internet Freedom” meme that’s going around.

*  “At any time during those 53 days, the various entities in Atlanta’s and Fulton County’s justice systems could have saved her from the cracks she had fallen through.

That’s because those “various entities” are all black.

*  Only the “Top 1%” has enough money to burn, or in this case, throw off a balcony.

Some teachers in Florida are about to be fired for telling the truth.

*  “I am happy and I love my life.”

Sure you do, Slappy.  Your “life” consists of getting high on shrooms.

I can tell you why they want to “investigate” (read: fire) him.  Because he’s a white firefighter in Philadelphia.  The AA politburo just found any convenient excuse to toss him out and replace him with a black.

*  What’s wrong with this picture?  A Y in San Diego has special hours reserved for Muslim women to swim in its pool.

Let me say this another way:  The Young Men’s Christian Association sets aside hours for Muslim women to swim in its pool.

Note to the peanut gallery:  I already know about those other curious swimming habits that the Y used to have.

Black obsessives bitching about Andy Griffith.  The irony is that he was a big time lib, came out for ObamaCare, and the Democrats in NC wanted to run him against Jesse Helms in 1984.


The crazies are officially running Argentina.

I wonder what “Let’s Roll” is in Chinese.

A story of the days to come, America under ObamaCare.

Poland had amnesty for illegal aliens?  Well, it was nice knowing you, Poland.

This was probably the price they had to pay for co-hosting Euro 2012.


Okay, time to get back to reality.  It’s not as if Jesse Owens had to hot foot it out of Berlin after he won four golds in order to keep the SS from throwing him into a concentration camp.  Hitler wasn’t fond of blacks, for sure, but they weren’t his main concern.  (Mainly because the Germany of Hitler’s lifetime didn’t have any blacks.)  In fact, according to Owens himself, Hitler was rather cordial toward him.  Meanwhile, FDR didn’t even meet with Owens when he got back to the States.

Fun Fact about the 1936 Summer Olympics.  Yes, I know.  Host nations of Olympic games that would have a large contingent at any Olympics wherever they’re held always do well in medal counts at Games held in their own country.


“My First Crime.”

She was pulled over for doing 100 in a 65.  So why didn’t they cart her ass off to jail?  Of course, trying to figure out which jail to put her in would have been a hoot.

She also graduated from high school recently, mainly through online classes.  Even though she called Michaleangelo’s masterpiece the “Sixteenth Chapel,” and thinks the polity known as the United Kingdom only consists of England.  I’m a fine one to talk, though — On an American History test, I named the Watergate sleuths for the WaPo as Bob Woodward and “Leonard” Bernstein.

*  People who like dogs and hate cats are little Hitlers.  People who like cats and hate dogs are flaky.  I know this story has nothing to do with that.  But this is my blog, and I can rant however I want.

Someone with too much time on his hands in a society with too much time on its hands:



4 responses

7 07 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

The Young Men’s Christian Association has, as far as I know, officially changed their name to “The Y”. Virtually every YMCA I have been in for the past 10 or so years has been men and women, and many ill-behaved, screaming children running through the locker rooms. They also have day-care for the mothers who are too occupied to be mothers.

7 07 2012

The “M” and “C” haven’t been literally true for years. The Ys have been nothing but overglorified gyms for a long time. I was just jerking their chains.

And they’ve been on the “our diversity is our strength” bandwagon for awhile, too.

7 07 2012

I made the same observation about the “Daily Mail” regarding US crime news and commented on it on Don Surber’s “(Charleton) Daily Mail” blog probably two or three years ago ….. it’s very sad. But it’s also very political in a way, “You Londoner’s think you got it bad, look at the USA.”

Down low at 11. The 11 year old doesn’t know what he doing? If he listens to rap music he damn well did. Sue the charter schools I say, let them face the music, they’re basically all a bunch of black owned jokes shaking down the system paying less and being reimbursed at the public school rate. Bus company is probably black owned too. We need to be out of public education altogether.

Andy Griffith? One hour ago I am watching Green Acres, a salesmen stops by the farm, he’s selling the Haney’s Automatic Tomato Planter and he says “Mr. Douglas, you are looking at every farmer’s dream. A mechanized wetback.” I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Bieber gets caught but every car chasing him gets away? Are there a lot of Barney Fifes in California? Or do they just think every person on this planet is a f’n idiot?

As for the AME and the YMCA. 501(c) is a cover to allows a certain segment to society to commit theft. If I give you $500 in “aide” from my donations, I should 1099 you. I don’t need a 501(c) to pay out my receipts and neither does any honest charity. If I work for you and earn $500 you are supposed to 1099 me, why shouldn’t the “charity” recipient be given a 1099? I did a search once at the IRS website, there are over 10,000 501(c)’s with Chicago, IL, mailing addresses, that’s one for every 270 residents. There is a black store-front church van parked nearly every day in front of the Ft. Dearborn Post Office in Chicago. What’s the IRS mileage rate for a black-store front church van being driven to the post office where the owner (the Revrun) works everyday? No honest charity needs a 501(c). Now, the next time I see it I will look to see if it has a “handicapped” placard because I am curious, and because they don’t have to pay the meters ….

7 07 2012

I’m starting to think the Daily Mail knows it has a lot of American readers, and is adjusting its stories accordingly if you’re reading it from the states. Type in dailymail dot co dot uk in a browser and you will be auto-redirected to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html

Charters: When charters started, people expected charters to be appendages of credible pre-existing educational institutions such as universities, museums, etc. But it turned out to be a hustle like you said. The charters are usually worse than the publics in the area in which they serve.

Bieber: Good point, but that’s not the angle I’m grinding over. You go 100 in a 65, and the first words you’re hearing from a cop are, “You have the right to remain silent…”

501s: Libs bitch about the “low” tax rates. They really should go after 501s, trusts, foundations. Eliminate them, and you could have lower rates for everyone and still raise more tax money.

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