Also Known As Lying

9 07 2012

Cape Girardeau

Did I say earlier today that a new industry is born?

Here’s another one:  The Dropout Prevention-Industrial Complex.

The only real ways to lower the dropout rate is to make school easier and to do creative accounting.  Otherwise, I’ll have to keep on thinking that sometimes, the concept of high school dropouts is a feature, not a bug.  Dropouts, most of whom are uninterested in learning, are voluntarily making life easier for those that are interested.

If you really want to end the dropout problem, just force everyone to go to school for four years and give them a diploma and the end of those four years as a privilege for complying with truancy law.  We almost do that as it is.

In some cases, though, dropouts are dropping out for just the opposite reason:  School is too easy, too many black bullies, other forms of harassment.




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