Bellcurvius Daily

9 07 2012


Who else would steal hair extensions?

Who else would haul out an AK-47 over an argument about a girl?

Who else would jump out of a limo to beat someone up?  UPDATE:  The victim is not black (see the last sentence for the implication), and the suspect’s family members are claiming that the suspects were really the victims of people on the streets using racial slurs.  As if limos don’t have tinted windows.

Who else would kill someone who confronted them about their driving habits?

Who else would be so insouciant about their TB that it would cause an outbreak that TPTB tried to cover up?  Mainly because TPTB in this situation were the same “who elses.”

Who else would start shooting as a consequence of a soccer game being played in the United States?  Certainly white Americans aren’t the kind of soccer hooligans you find in some parts of Europe among (real) Europeans, so it’s gotta be.  Jamaicamahn.

Who else would kill a 75-year old man who did nothing but help him?  I’m surprised he didn’t Muh Dik him, too.




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