I Don’t Know This Motel’s Finances

9 07 2012

Tracy, California

CBS Sacramento:

Witness: Woman Working At Inn Brutally Murdered By Naked Man

TRACY (CBS13) – A 62-year-old woman was killed at a motel she works at after witnesses claim a blood-covered naked man who may have been high went on a violent rampage late Saturday.

The victim was killed while at work at the Hacienda Inn on West 11th Street in Tracy.

I’ll assume this motel is operating in the red.

Look at one of this blog’s retired slogans.  That sound you hear is RJP spiking the football.




One response

9 07 2012

“All the dude kept saying was like ‘I didn’t do nothing, I didn’t do nothing.’ He was like out of his mind, delirious,” said Haynes.

For anybody that wonders, a while back a hotel losing money decided to go “nudist”. Well there are only a few things that can be scrimped on by a hotel losing money to save money, and that would be housekeeping and housekeeping supplies …. in other words, the place is going to be fithy, and everybody is running around bare ass naked …… and you know they are not going to wash the beds covers / comforter after every room renting, in fact they are probably going to do it less than a hotel making money to save money on water ( if you do not know, hotels do not wash the comforters after every guest, not even weekly, more like when they need to wash them, capiche?).

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