Ready, Set, Go

9 07 2012


He’s 72.  He’s 42.

You can’t exactly say that the 72-year old is looking for young piece of ass, because he’s probably the packee not the packer in that relationship.

That’s not controversial, but a 30-18 in St. Louis is.




One response

9 07 2012

In a claim reminiscent of his statement that he didn’t know Stephen Gobie was running a prostitution ring out of his own apartment, Frank admitted that he was present at Ready’s home when Ready was arrested but didn’t know he was using and growing marijuana at the place. “I was not aware that Jim had these plants, and I was disappointed to learn that he did,” Frank said. He claimed that he wouldn’t recognize a pot plant if he saw one.’s-scandalous-legacy/

I could actually believe Barney couldn’t smell the weed …. he talks and acts like he has semen coming out of every cavity, including the sinuses.

That he was ever re-elected is a testament to the degeneration of America.

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