This Is Not All an Accident

9 07 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

My car has 30,000 individual parts.  With regular maintenance and repair of major system SNAFUs, it can be reasonably expected to give 20-25 years of useful service.

My car’s driver has somewhere from 10 to 100 trillion individual cells.  With regular maintenance and repair of major system SNAFUs, he can be reasonably expected to live about 75 years.

Both my car and my car’s driver are almost halfway through their reasonably expected lifetimes, coincidentally.

People will willingly acknowledge the former as a result of intelligent design.  But most “educated” people think the latter is a cosmic accident.




2 responses

10 07 2012
Techno Dan

Major system SNAFUs with be repaired until the car is FUBAR. :)

I’m with you on intelligent design…how do these, well, I’m answering my own question. I was going to ask how any of these “intelligent” biologists can believe in natural selection as a mechanism for all life on Earth, but the answer came to me – they are brainwashed. But not only that, they hold on to their brainwashing because to let it be replaced by something known as reality and truth would mean a total collapse of their pre-existing worldview. And that can be pretty frightening to ponder.

Plus, their demonic hatred of Christians, whom they always associate with ID. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

11 07 2012

How can I evolve wings? How can I evolve gills?

Why won’t dogs evolve better eyesight, even though they would be better off with it? Why won’t emperor penguins invent a better way to reproduce, instead of having to waddle miles and miles inland to a frozen continent?

Evolution is constrained within a capacity to adapt, meaning that there are just some things a species can’t evolve. Okay, so why doesn’t evolution get rid of that restriction? Seems to me that “capacity to adapt” is a universal speed limit. Hmmm.

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