Burning Up

10 07 2012

Northern Virginia

PJB nails it, as usual.

An Iran armed with conventional nuclear weapons is not much to be feared.  Pakistan already has lots of them, has had them for more than a decade, and is more openly anti-American than Iran.  Hint:  Their “deep state,” i.e. their government-within-a-government, hid OBL from us for quite a long time.  Yet, I haven’t heard about New York City roasting at 50,000 degrees.  100 degrees, maybe.

What I do fear is Tehran spreading in suitcases its weapons-grade enriched uranium to do-badders around the world.

I would make this offer to Ahmadinejad:  Go ahead with a conventional nuclear ordnance program, if you have the capability.  But document everything about it in front of live streaming cameras for the world to see, and all the inspectors that want to drop by, including the finished products if they ever get finished.  But don’t use your enriched uranium for anything but visible and documented conventional ordnance or energy production.  Otherwise, we’ll thump you.




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