I Wish People Would Stop Pre-Approving Me

10 07 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

More wonderful pre-approvals.  This time, another catalog outfit and two credit cards.

In case my explanation yesterday of what “pre-approved” means went over your head, let me explain it like this:

On your 18th birthday, you’re pre-approved for a lottery jackpot.




4 responses

10 07 2012
Olave d'Estienne

Pre-approval sounds like legal false advertising to me.

10 07 2012

Actually it is no way near that here. You will get credit. The things he talked about yesterday are crumby catalog companies that over charge for products, they will give credit to practically anyone that doesn’t owe them money.

As for credit cards, the companies know your “credit score” for the three major credit reporting agencies, how late you have been on anything, any unpaid pills, etc., it is really just legitimate solicitation of business.

10 07 2012

As such, I bet these catalog outfits, the Fingerhells and the Dingleberrys have a lot of black customers. Any business that overcharges, charges way too high interest rates and gives out credit like candy (ahem, ahem, cough, cough, rent-a-centers, cough) will be popular among blacks.

10 07 2012

On your 18th birthday, you’re pre-approved for a lottery jackpot.

I am not sure if you are auto-approved at 18 anymore.

And I think only the cream is pre-approved anymore for anything okay.

When the world fell apart, the number of pre-approvals I got shot up dramatically, all for no fee (or high fee high end cards) with okay interest rates (last time I bothered looking I couldn’t find a this is your rate card anymore – I had one (7.25% for life) but that was modified that thanks to BO’s new credit rules designed to “protect” people).

And “the open an account with us and you will get this”es started rolling in from banks. I literally walked into Chase and handed a girl two mailings and told her that if she could do the three requirements for me that Chase was going to pay me $550 (I say if because I didn’t know if she could do the credit card part for me, she could, and she did, and she got credit for herself for it). And then she told me (and even called me to remind me) if you run this much through the credit card within three months we will give you even more. Then when I became a 1099 employee, she got two more accounts and even found a code to get me some cash (sadly there was no way to run $5000 though the biz CC within the first 90 days because I think the reward for that was $1000 more).

I am in no way a big account. But being a good credit risk has some rewards. Only draw back is the shredder time for all the solicitations.

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