Oh God No

13 07 2012


Condolleezza Rice-a-Roni?

Seriously, Willard?

Quick:  Name an accomplishment of hers or a public policy you strongly associate with her.

See what I mean?

Drudge poll shows a 64-36 approval margin for this potential pick with over 300k Drudgies voting so far.  The hill in front of us is even steeper and higher than I imagined.



4 responses

13 07 2012

From professor to national security advisor to Secretary of State ….
She made a wise choice when she became George Bush’s concubine.

13 07 2012

I just thought about something. The last white man who was Secretary of State was Warren Christopher, and that was first term Clinton.

14 07 2012

I view any non-White on the ticket as an acquiescence to invasion and marginalization of Western Civilization. It’s like paying off someone who burgles your home so he doesn’t recidivate. He’ll be back… and with a bigger van to steal the remainder of your belongings.

14 07 2012

That’s a point not even Pat Buchanan could grok.

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